Audio Resources

Here are a number of audio resources to get you started.

Audio Recording

Shure Notes (Articles about audio technology from the microphone company Shure)

Sound Reporting (The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism & Production)

Buy an Audio Recorder, and Learn to Use it (Mindy McAdams)

Gathering Audio (Media Storm)

Sound in the Story (Poynter)

Audio Recorders (Knight Digital Media Center)

Gathering Audio (Mediastorm)

Audio Recorders (Knight Digital Media Center)

Interviewing tips (O’Reilly –

Loosening lips (PBS – Exposé)

Audio Editing

Audacity (download a copy for free)

Audacity tutorials (Audacity)

Audacity Wiki (Latest tips and trick for Audacity)

Audacity Instructions (Knight Digital Media Center)

Using Apple’s GarageBand (Apple Support)

Introduction to Adobe Audition (getting started with Audition)

Copyright Law

Copyright and the Public Domain (Public Domain Information Project)

Basic Rules of Fair Use (from

Public Domain Music (Public Domain Information Project)

Creative Commons (sharing and reuse of creativity and knowledge through the provision of free legal tools)